Teenage Parent Payback – Instagram Revenge

Teenage Parent Payback – Instagram Revenge

By Johan Premfors

For years I have delighted in embarrassing my daughter in every (harmless) way I could. From locking out the teacher and encouraging her middle school class to burn their math books to showing up in her high school English class with a bag of vitamins that she refused to take at breakfast (as a joke). Like many parents, I have mastered the art of embarrassing my kid.

Johan doing things Instagram

What I didn’t factor in was that she would grow up and I would experience the turning of tables. Just over a week ago my now 19-year-old started a new Instagram account named @johandoingthings and although I must admit it’s funny, it’s also quite embarrassing. It’s a collection of all the bizarre things I have done (in order to entertain her) that have been caught on camera or video. What I also didn’t factor in was that OTHER people have started to send Amelia their libraries of embarrassing content of me — which I now have come to realize is pretty large.

I don’t take myself too seriously and neither do I embarrass easily. Ultimately, I’m really happy that Amelia has upped the game, and now I have to think of my next move…

Johan Premfors

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