Our Beliefs

Gozamm is a force for good.

We call people home.

We learn from those who have come before us, and we create space for those who come after us.

We shoulder a responsibility for something greater than ourselves.

Our work is about supporting individual life design, which leads to more successful living and more skillful interactions between more people.

Life design is now, and occurs in every moment. Life is not defined by some moment in the future nor an event in the past.

We are an access point for people who want to design their lives. We stimulate recharges and reboots in people’s lives.

We are global. We are diverse. Yet we are the same.

Our work is urgent. Millions of people and our planet need our work.

Our work is for everyone not just the privileged few.

Doctrine, idolization, ideology and tyranny do not belong in our world.

We want to end injustice, racism, sexism and discrimination of any kind – we do our part by walking our talk.

We bring people together by modeling and emphasizing heart-based relationship alignment.


Our children are our greatest teachers. We allow their wisdom and knowledge to influence Gozamm and ultimately their own future.

We show parents and adults how to get out of our children’s way. With a clear runway adults can become fierce guardians of our children’s process of self-actualization.

When our children are fully empowered, they know who they are and make choices based on what’s right for them.

Every interaction with a child is an opportunity to model empowering relationships.

We teach everyone, including young children, to think for themselves.

Trying and failing are integral to learning – at every age.

How We Operate

We operate with open hearts and, we are motivated by love and trust instead of fear and worry.

Words are only words. We listen beyond both the spoken word and the behavior.

We build relationships with intentional and transparent alignment. This leads us to greater connections based on truth, authenticity and respect.

We model what we want to see in the world. We design our lives and we inspire others to do the same.

We stay away from jargon and industry speak.

We are both heart-based and performance-based and we deliver both in our teams and with our users.

The antidote to fear is trust. Trust is the foundation of any relationship.

Every family, organization or social structure has its own unique composition and dynamics. We never tell people what to do! Instead we ask our users to study their unexamined beliefs and experiment.

We respect science, academia and conventional wisdom yet we are not defined by it.

We respect the individual journey everyone is on.

We are always prepared challenge the status quo.

Business Attitude

We are disrupting and democratizing the “betterment industries”. Access to personal growth content and life design skills is a human right.

Thought-leadership is a privilege and not a given right. We earn our leadership through creativity, research, risk taking, failures and successes.

All our work, from workshops to apps, must have extraordinary impact on our users and our world.

We treat every users with respect. We do not do manipulative sales or other unethical business practices.

We put the power of life design in the hands of every individual. We respect every individual and their choices even if we disagree with them.

Welcome home!