The Coolest Office Spot Ever — NeueHouse Hollywood

The Coolest Office Spot Ever — NeueHouse Hollywood

By Johan Premfors

A couple of months ago, our friend Iyad told us about this new collaborative workspace in Hollywood. We decided to check it out and we immediately knew that we needed to be there. Housed in the old CBS Studios on Sunset Boulevard it’s a super high-tech work environment filled with creative types from different industries. At NeueHouse filmmakers, script writers, photographers, game designers, you name it, work together during the day.

At night you can choose to engage in movie screenings, wine tasting, spoon-bending events and EDM performances as the place turns into a social and cultural center for us members.

We feel it’s the future of how we work. By being around creative and productive people in an environment that is tech-friendly, professional and creative. It’s also energy efficient and resource efficient. We also enjoy the people around us and their energy is contagious. It also helps that they have good food.

NeueHouse Hollywood is now the home of Gozamm and where we go to work and to get inspired.

Johan Premfors

Johan is the Co-Founder of Gozamm. A former investment banker who pivoted to a life of entrepreneurship focused on human consciousness projects, Johan is a dynamic figure in the coaching, leadership and conscious parenting movement. With unparalleled experience that includes starting and operating businesses in Europe, Middle East, U.S.A. and Afghanistan he is a strong advocate for conscious business and authentic leadership. -- view all articles