The New Child

by  Gonan Premfors

The New Child is an easy read that can easily be finished in half an hour. Despite it’s brevity the book could be a source of inspiration and enlightenment that could forever change relationships. The collection of anecdotes, by Gozamm co-founder Gonan Premfors, is a revealing peek into the lives of families from around the world and their personal moments of challenge and eventually transformation.


Gonan is the originator of the philosophies behind Gozamm, the home of the Parentology, Trust and Open Heart workshops. An industry thought-leader and a perennial innovator, Gonan is setting trends in the realms of families and business worldwide. Her eclectic background; being born in Turkey, married to a Swede, having lived in the Middle East for 25 years and now living in California, she truly brings a new dynamic perspective to an important field.


by  Johan Premfors

There are two ways any man or woman can choose to approach life. The first one is based on ticking the boxes of life and doing things that are expected of you. The second one is what Johan Premfors, the co-founder of Gozamm chose. In Remade, Premfors takes the reader through a fast-paced, funny, heartfelt and often gritty account of what it takes one man to reach his wildest dreams and become a man who creates a big impact in the world. Premfors turns the sometimes tedious genre of memoirs into a novel-like read that grips the reader from the start. Be prepared to be catapulted to life-changing moments in faraway places, from the glitzy streets of Monte Carlo to the bullet-ridden streets of Kabul, yet realize how close to home his story hits.


Johan is the Co-Founder of Gozamm. A former investment banker who pivoted to a life of entrepreneurship focused on human consciousness projects, Johan is a dynamic figure in the coaching, leadership and conscious parenting movement. With unparalleled experience that includes starting and operating businesses in Europe, Middle East, U.S.A. and Afghanistan he is a strong advocate for conscious business and authentic leadership.